man walking through pathway
man walking through pathway

8 Summits Retail Consulting

Partnering with retailers on their journey to success, offering expert guidance, innovative strategies, and transformative solutions that drive sustainable growth in the dynamic retail landscape.


In the ever-changing retail landscape, staying ahead is crucial, especially with challenges such as customers increasingly shifting toward digital interactions and e-commerce, supply chain disruptions, revised spending priorities, and reduced margins. As the industry navigates this new reality, 8 Summits Consulting can help you thrive in this dynamic environment. Partner with us for growth-driving strategies, competitive edge creation, and unlocking profit opportunities.

By collaborating with our retail experts in areas such as e-commerce, operations, business process improvement, and technology integration, we can assist you in staying on top of continually evolving customer needs, making informed operational decisions, and achieving lasting improvements. No matter your challenge, we are ready to help you deliver both quick wins and long-term results.

Our value proposition

At 8 Summits Consulting, we have a special passion for E-commerce startups and for supporting local and independent retailers. However, our commitment to excellence extends to retailers of all sizes. Whether you're a small boutique or a large-scale enterprise, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.

E-commerce Startups

We help emerging e-commerce businesses with services such as platform selection, digital marketing strategy, and user experience optimization.

Local and Independent Retailers

We provide consulting services tailored to small, local, or independent retail businesses, including community engagement, store layout, and local marketing.

a mobile phone showing a picture of a chocolate bar
a mobile phone showing a picture of a chocolate bar
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a wooden sign hanging from the side of a window

How we help

Our tailored consulting services are designed to cater to the specific needs of retail businesses, ensuring that we can provide valuable insights and solutions regardless of the scale. We work with our clients to plan, prioritize and implement the right initiatives that deliver profitable growth.

  • Strategic Planning

  • Customer Experience Enhancement

  • E-commerce and Digital Strategy

  • Operational Optimization

  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

  • Merchandising and Assortment Planning